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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thanks in advance for writing for one of my weird little fandoms :) I'm very easy to please, fic-wise, so I'm sure I'll be very happy with whatever you produce. If you need some help along the way, here it is:

Baby Sitters Club:This is the one fandom where I will read and enjoy just about anything that isn't on my squicks list (see below). My favorite characters are the Pike family (particularly the triplets) and Janine Kishi and Dawn and Mary Anne's parents (Sharon and Richard). I do ship Byron/Jeff and Kristy/Cary, but I don't need a story with a pairing at all. Honestly, just take your pick of the whole wide BSC universe. Also, I'm a big fan of the California Diaries spinoff series, so if you've read it, I'd adore Cal Diaries fic, particularly anything related to Ducky.

Boy Meets World: I don't really want anything related to Girl Meets World. Please keep it contained to the old-school characters. I ship Cory and Shawn, but I don't like Topanga being ignored either. I'm totally down with a Cory/Shawn/Topanga OT3. Though I love Shawn/Cory as a ship, Eric is my favorite character, especially when people think he's being obtuse, but he's actually being wise. I also really love the Matthews parents. I really like the stories involving them being young adults just arriving in New York.

Carry On:100% Simon/Baz. I prefer a story post-Watford. It can include any other character in the universe, but I really only read Simon/Baz focused fic.

Things I like in fic:Like I said, I'm super easy to please :)  I love friendship fic, slash, gen, het. Funny things. Ratings can be anywhere from the fluffiest G to the smuttiest M. I have no problem with foul language (I've been known to use it freely), and I have no problems with smut - even most kinks are fine by me. I have a soft spot for sibling bonding stories as well as first kiss/first time stories. And my #1 favorite trope is alcohol leading to lowered inhibitions. Also, I love any fandom crossover with the Harry Potter universe. (Is that allowed in Yuletide? HP sure isn't a small fandom.)

Squicks/No-no's:Mpreg, rape, incest. No huge age differences in pairings. Poor grammar

I think that's about it!
Thanks again!!


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