Nobody ever suspects the butterfly

I mean nobody!

Sorry for the two posts.
Also, miss_slipslop assigned me a letter for the fandom character meme.  Instead of doing it here, I did the meme over at my blog, which has been so neglected recently.


My new obsession

Tee Fury (


They have one t-shrit each day for sale, all with geek themes. For only ten dollars! I already bought the Buffy and the Scoobies tee, and I sadly forgot to check a few days ago and missed out on the Whovian Crest.


Today's tee is from Night of the Living dead, and it's pretty cool.  But when you click on the artist's page, at the bottom you see the art for Grand Theft Tardis, which is the most amazeballs thing of all time.


I'm using LJ Mobile, I hope the images uploaded. Everything is such a crapshoot with LJ Mobile.

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Thank god I live ten miles north
The Commonwealth of Virginia (they will cut you if you call it a state) is closer and closer to passing a personhood bill.  Which is bad enough, but it includes a measure that forces women who are seeking an abortion get a trans-vaginal ultrasound first. With no optioning out.

Uh.  Where I come from, forcing a woman to have something probed into her vagina is considered rape. 

I'd always had the feeling that the pro-life movement was more about controlling women than saving babies.  Aaaaaand now it's been proven.  Assholes. 
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kids are so lucky
Today I went to a summer camp expo, so I could find some kind of activity to keep Grady entertained this summer. The YMCA closest to me offers...get this...a two week long Harry Potter Wizardry camp for kids 5-8. I want to send Grady soooo bad, but it'll blow my whole summer activity budget, which would mean no gymnastics, which I did promise him. It's basically a day camp, with a HP theme. Their sports time is quidditch. Science time is making potions. Things like that.

Screw the kids, I want to go!

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drivers beware
My husband was hit by a car when he was out for a run today. No worries, he's ok. He took most of the (very slow) impact with his ass. But he did reach his arm out instinctively and his wrist is swollen and got scraped along the antennae. I think he's going to be sore tomorrow, he thinks not. We'll see.

Anyway, the guy who hit him at first refused to even roll down his window and talk to Dave after the accident. Dave got crazy angry and started cursing the guy and punching his window. So the guy rolled his window down a bit and shrugged and was like "didn't see you." Well, no shit asshole. I would assume if you had seen him, you wouldn't have fucking hit him, right? Dave paused to see if the guy was going to say anything else, and when it became clear that no apology was forthcoming, Dave continued his expletive-filled tirade.

Look, I'm sure he scared the dude. Dave isn't tall, but he is broad and he has his big bushy beard right now (he doesn't ever shave in the winter months), so he can be imposing. But still...just fucking say you're sorry.

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Fandom Stocking
I'm on my phone, so I can't do a long post with lots of links right now. But thank you to everyone who stuffed my stocking! I'm overwhelmed by the fics and, always, so impressed by the quality of writing. Here's the link to my stocking. I will try to get off my phone and on an actual computer to do a proper post soon. I just wanted to give a thank you!

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Remus Lupin's twin

Lego Remus Lupin looks an awful lot like Conan O'Brien.  (The big boy got some Harry Potter Lego sets for Christmas.)

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And in caseI don't see you.....
Adios 2011. You started out swell. I had a baby and I quit my job. Then your turned quite shitty - my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and spent much of the year recovering from major surgery and getting chemo. Also bad was my four year old's behavior at getting a new brother and having a sick Ya-ya.

Then you got OK there at the end when mom's cancer went into remission. And the big boy started school and his baehavior improved greatly! So, I guess you were a year of contrasts.

Also, I really rarely make New Year's resolutions, but I haven't been very patient with my older son recently and it's making me feel like a bad mom. So my resolution is to be more patient. And I want to write more, but I don't have a ton of time, so I don't really feel as if I can resolve to write more. So we'll see.

How was everyone else's year? Anyone have any resolutions?

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Last week I decided to break up with Glee. It's just so fucking terrible and their botching of the Santana story-line is basically unforgiveable. But I forgot to delete it from my DVR, so I have last night's episode sitting there and I'm trying to decide if I should delete it without watching it.  It's hard for me to do.  I'm a complete-ist and can't stand to stop watching a show before it ends.  I still watch The Simpsons for crying out loud, and that hasn't been very good for at least a decade!  (Though it manages to be juuuust good enough to keep me coming back.)

But Glee.  Christ.  I was going to do this whole post about all the things that Glee has done wrong and how the fuck does a show that showed such promise turn into such shit so quickly????? But then I thought I'd do one better and just refer you guys to the reviews of Todd VanDerWerff at the AV Club.  His assessments of Glee are absolutely brilliant, and he basically says every single thing I want to say about the show, but lack the talent to do so. 

So if you're still watching Glee, and have been trying to cut the cord like I have (and, really. Why wouldn't you?)  Check out the Glee reviews at the AV Club.  This is the link to this week's episode, which is by far one of the funniest pop-culture reviews I've ever read.  But you can go back through the archives and read some of his earlier reviews.

It's official
My mom's cancer is in remission. L

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