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Adam, Byron and Jordan personified
I was watching the US Olympic Gymnastics Trials the other day. American gymnast Jake Dalton made me do a double-take. Why? Because he is exactly what I always pictured the Pike triplets to grow up looking like. I mean exactly. He's like a doppelganger of three fictional characters whose looks existed solely in my mind.

Except for Jake Dalton is way more muscular (obviously. I mean, he is a gymnast.) I always pictured Adam and Jordan as kind of scrawny throughout their lives. Byron is a little pudgier, because he's a stress eater.

Not that I've spent any time thinking about this or anything. 

For your pleasure, some pictures of Jake Dalton. (And it's not just him. The entire US men's team is sooo not-ugly.)

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US gymnastics + Pike triplets= A+ post. I can definitely see the resemblance.

And Byron is so a stress eater/stress baker. :P

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Did you watch any of the trials? I'm kind of in love with our men's team, though bummed Chris Brooks was left off to make room for Sam Mikulak's pommel horse routine :/

Poot Byron. It's the stress of being a closeted teenager that begins his lifelong habit of stress eating.

Gymnastics is my favorite Olympics event, and I watched the women's trials. I'm really happy Jordyn Wieber made the team. The line up is really good, and I hope we have a shot at winning gold. It's been too long.

I'll have to check out more of the men's team on YouTube or something!

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